5 resolutions for upping your study game

Now, I am completely against new year resolutions I genuinely don't believe they work because it is just too much pressure out of nowhere. Scientific studies actually show that it takes 90 days to create a habit, so trying to force immediate change is destined for failure. 

I believe instead of thinking about changing your whole life, you should just think about adding or changing additional small good things, one at a time. Letting those good things grow and slowly but surely forming a lasting habit. 

However, personally I don't think studying or career topics falls under the same category because of deadlines hence this post. So if you're returning to or starting college this upcoming year you may need to be thinking about study goals. 

Here's 5 resolutions for upping your study game

  1. I will stick to my schedule

Do not leave your studying until the last minute! Create a schedule make sure it is realistic to your circumstances. Having a schedule will help to alleviates stress you will have assignment and submission deadlines which will have consequences if they're not met. Remember to give yourself enough wiggle room in case something pops up, illness, work or child minder problems can pop up out of nowhere. 

  1. I will think positive even when i'm feeling pessimistic

I know it is easier said than done and we all have days where self-doubt creeps in and we can become more pessimistic than optimistic. Studying a subject you've never had experience with before can intensify that negative self-talk. Recognise when you're being too hard on yourself and remember that everybody started where you are right now, to become a master you first have to be a student. Thinking positively is a great resolution to have regardless if you are studying and will be an invaluable tool to master. 

  1. I will use my feedback to enhance my grades 

This is a very important resolution / goal to learn, using feedback even if it is negative to improve your grades will also enhance your life. I recently watched a video on YouTube of a young woman studying psychology receive and read her grades in a video! she passed however she didn't receive amazing feedback. Instead of giving up she used this to improve her work and hopefully next time will achieve a higher grade. The Open University is known for its tutors to give very detail feedback. Using your feedback especially negative will highlight areas for improvement it is a simple but powerful way to make sure you don't make the same mistakes again. Being able to use constructive criticism is a great life skill to have.

  1.  I will overcome the urge to procrastinate

Procrastination isn't easily beaten especially in our world of constant connectivity, but there are ways you can use procrastination to your advantage. What do you do when you procrastinate? Listen to podcasts? then make sure you have something related to your area of study in your playlist. Same goes for reading, watching YouTube or writing a blog. Whatever you do try to incorporate your study subject into it this way you will always be inspired to return to study.  

  1. I will make time for myself

Now this is the most important resolution on the list but it can prove difficult for some. When you're studying especially at university level, degree or PhD it's inevitable to become overwhelmed with information. The studying level is intense ( I have only received one module of work but this has included two textbooks plus online information). 

It's important to put some time aside for yourself to relax you're life can become neglected by studying but self-care is non negotiable especially for your emotional and mental well-being. 

Taking some time out to do something you want to do not something you have to do can help clear your mind and feel like a completely new person.

I hope this has helped if you are looking to create some new years resolutions or goals for study. Remember, if you do "fail" don't be too hard on yourself it takes 90 to create a solid habit.