Consider this before splurging on that psychology textbook

A few great ways to save money on psychology textbooks
Buying textbooks for your psychology course can be very expensive, with some texts costing hundreds of pounds each, And I thought Counselling textbooks were expensive! So While you certainly cannot eliminate this expense, ask yourself this important question...

Are Used Copies Available?

Purchasing used copies of your psychology textbooks is a great way to save money each year. Used books are generally much more affordable than new books, but it is important to carefully inspect your copy to ensure that it is in reasonably good condition. A textbook that has pages missing or is filled with highlighting and notes can make studying very difficult. 

Here’s 5 ways to keep textbook costs down 

Download  your books.

Load eBooks onto your Kindle or Tablet to save your budget and literally lighten your load. eBooks often sell at a far lower price and some offer multimedia functionality with additional materials. 

Second hand Websites  

Use sites like who stock  a huge collection new & used textbooks  for as little as 79p! Plus you can find the exact copy you need by searching for the ISBN which comes in very handy.

world of books is also a personal favourite it’s harder to search for module specific content but equally the prices are very budget friendly. 

something to consider is the book art they advertise on the website may differ from the physical book you actually receive 

Join a points scheme

Foyles have a great point scheme earn 3 points for every £1 you spend; each point is worth 1p and can be redeemed immediately. So although the majority of books are not budget if you prefer to buy brand new books at least you’re receiving benefits you can use at a later date. 

Visit a library

Yes they still exist! Library’s are great sources of free content. Seek out specific buildings linked to your area of study for even better books. Whilst there keep your eye out for the bargain basket for books you can purchase & flyers for any local flea markets. 

check your university portal

Especially if you’re studying with open university you have access to their online library full of books, ebooks, journals & PDFs it’s pretty impressive how many free resources are available. 

I hope you found this helpful let me know your favourite way to save money on textbooks in the comments.