Myths & Misconceptions about Counselling & Psychology

Welcome to my new series where I am going to discuss and hopefully debunk or address some common myths & misconceptions surrounding the world of psychology, counselling, the brain and mental health. Topics, questions & comments I've seen shared across social media or that I have been asked personally.

The majority of topics are things that are reinforced through something known as pop psychology. Pop psychology is basically psychology concepts that are used in news articles, movies, magazines, books & general media that are not always accurate but are concepts for the general public which have been simplified and often wrong!

I will be focusing primarily on counselling as this is the field I am studying however, I do have basic knowledge of psychotherapy theories and most recently began Level 3 Intro to Psychology. So I will be addressing topics about the brain for example common phrases like “We only use 10% of our brain”. “I am creative therefore I am primarily using the right side of my brain” - somethings I have said myself! 

I think this will be really fun and educational, especially as my training and knowledge grow. Hopefully you will enjoy it also. If you have any questions, topic ideas or want to guest post on this please message me.

*Disclaimer I am Level 2 Counselling course + Level 3 Psychology a newbie in the field & my knowledge is ever growing this series is my personal opinion & views to topics, questions and comments i’ve either come across online or been asked personally. I will try my best to be as accurate as possible in my findings.