Top 5 UK destinations to visit when studying Counselling & Psychology

UK i’m coming for you! Not in the literal sense, yet, but as a psychology / counselling student the UK amongst many other destinations is right at the top of my bucket list. Since I began my course 6 weeks ago I have been searching for some places across the UK to visit to further my knowledge in the psychology world. My ultimate dream would be to use NST & their psychology guides who have an extensive background in teaching, along with relevant knowledge and expertise. I might actually suggest this to my classmates at college! 

Top 5 UK destinations to visit when studying counselling & psychology

  • Freud Museum - London

Sigmund Freud's last residence, and former home of his daughter Anna. The most sought after sight is the centrepiece in the museum; the iconic psychoanalytic couch that was used for all of Freud's patients during their sessions. The museum holds amazing exhibitions for example, Freud, Dali and the metamorphosis of Narcissus coming up in February 2019, there's a bespoke gift shop and if you're a member of the National Trust you can enjoy a 50% discount off entry fee. 

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  • Sharpham House - Devon

Mindfulness is a fundamental way of living highly suggested by counsellors, Learning to more mindful and live in the moment can give you renewed energy and clarity. The mindfulness retreat held at a spectacular Grade 1 listed Georgian mansion is a great place to start, and somewhere I'd love to visit. There is a glorious 500-acre estate with views across the River Dart Valley. During your stay experienced mindfulness teachers run 3 night breaks full of spiritual activities including yoga and creative writing helping you to explore the true meaning of mindfulness and how we can all practice it daily. Not only is this a great experience for further knowledge it’s a great opportunity to rest, relax and recharge during your course.  

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  • Down House - London

Home of the world-renowned scientist, Charles Darwin, where you can stand in his study, Stroll around the beautiful landscape garden that inspired him and coined his laboratory. You can even let Sir David Attenborough take you on an interactive multimedia tour around the house discovering groundbreaking theories. 

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  • Psychology Live - London

This is probably one of the best ways to spend time learning about psychology outside of a classroom by experiencing a psychology live conference. It is aimed at people studying Key stage 4 & 5 with learning objectives - Behavioural, emotional and cognitive characteristics. Stress and Psychodynamics plus criminology. It sounds perfect for students studying all levels of counselling especially if you're considering working with criminals, CBT or psychoanalysis.  

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  • The Natural History Museum - London 

OK, so this doesn't have anything to do with psychology or counselling but how could I not have this spectacular place on my list? There seems to be a theme of destinations with everywhere I have mentioned. So if I am already in London I couldn't not visit the natural history museum. They do teach about human evolution which may come in very handy! The museum holds many events and exhibitions throughout the year and I can not wait to visit! 

Natural History Museum more info

This blog post has been written in response to Elizabeth Dhokia's Blog challenge; Blog Everyday November. Day 2 Travel 

Hope you enjoyed!