What everyone must know about the open university

The Open University specialises in a type of learning known as "Distance learning" which is a method of remote studying where students do not attend a brick school/face-face lessons. Leaning material is a mixture of printed (textbooks) and online material – online learning resources may include websites, audio/video media clips, and interactive activities such as online quizzes. Tutor support is delivered through email, phone calls or a virtual learning environment. There is also the opportunity of face-face contact such as tutorials, exams or workshops at residential local schools. 

Reasons to study with The Open University

  • No entry requirements 

This is a HUGE advantage as I believe university education shouldn't just be for highly academic or those with money. The Open University believes education should be flexible and accessible. The majority of courses have no formal entry requirements, so if you left school like me with low grades you still have the opportunity to study. 

  • Flexible study

There are two options of study, part-time or full-time. You can double up modules one year or slow it down by just taking the one, you can even take time out if life gets in the way! My course has a 16 year time limit! 

  • Multiple qualifications

The Open University offers open certificates, diplomas or degrees. 

  • The OU meets your learning needs

If you want to return to education however higher education is a little intimating or you just don't feel ready, the OU offers access courses which will ease you in and teach you the skills needed to study at university level. 

  • FREE extra courses 

The Open University believe that education should be accessible to everyone and with this they partner with OpenLearn, an organisation that provides free courses and resources. You have the option of choosing singular or multiple 1-100 hours courses all 100% free. There's almost 1000 courses ranging from business to psychology. Sports to language and politics. Remember though that they do not carry any formal qualifications however you will earn a statement of participation. 

I am currently doing a BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling undergraduate degree. During this course I am doing social science which will cover politics and economics, I have zero knowledge of these subjects so I have applied for multiple courses under the society, politics and law section. They range from 5hr-24hr long and a level 1 grade but I know I will have a better understanding of these topics when it comes to my actual degree. 

is my degree credible?

All of this might sound too good to be true, but there is no catch! Not only are the degrees credible and fully accredited they are highly rated by employers. Meaning once you’ve put it the hard work, achieved your chosen qualification and begin job searching you will not have any issues regarding certificate or qualification.

Choosing to study with the OU is the best decision i have ever made, and my experience is only just beginning. 

Are you studying with The Open University? Registration for February 2019 has passed however October 2019 is now open!