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Consider this before splurging on that psychology textbook

A few great ways to save money on psychology textbooks
Buying textbooks for your psychology course can be very expensive, with some texts costing hundreds of pounds each, And I thought Counselling textbooks were expensive! So While you certainly cannot eliminate this expense, ask yourself this important question...

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What I wish I knew before starting Level 2 counselling course

Starting college / uni can be a scary thing. Especially if like me you're older and going back into education 10+ years after leaving school/ Now that I am coming to the end of my counselling concepts level 2, I can look back at my experience studying counselling & psychology and I can reflect on my personal journey. Even though it hasn't been 100% clarified I have passed I have successfully received back 95% of my assessments with passes with an oral exam coming this week. I still wish I done or known particular  things before I actually started. In today’s blog post - the very first in my new counselling / psychology series, I am going to be sharing the things I wish I knew before starting college.

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7 books every counselling student should read

Behind this blog I am a bookworm I always have either a book in my hand or playing through audible, I just love to read. Over the months, my goodreads account has grown massively full of all genres from novels to fantasy and even more so since I started my Level 2 counselling course.  Today's blog everyday challenge is; Lists / your top 10 recommendations and I couldn't think of a more fitting list than....

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Top 5 UK destinations to visit when studying Counselling & Psychology

UK i’m coming for you! Not in the literal sense, yet, but as a psychology / counselling student the UK amongst many other destinations is right at the top of my bucket list. Since I began my course 6 weeks ago I have been searching for some places across the UK to visit to further my knowledge in the psychology world.

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How to create an effective study guide & stick with it

Studying in college can be quite difficult, especially if you don't know how to it effectively. One of my new favourite techniques for studying effectively is by creating a study guide. It helps me revise the content of the class whilst also making me study valuable information I need to pass the course. This step by step guide should help you create your own as well as explain why it's an effective study method you should try!

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